Samaritan Air

*In 2005, America witnessed its worst weather related disasters ever recorded. Katrina devastated the gulf coast with battering winds and epic flooding. Sadly, many people were trapped on the roofs of their homes with no food, no water, no escape, and no hope. Out of this tragedy, birthed Samaritan Air, a Christian mission organization that specializes in touching the lives of the most hard to reach people.

Continuing with God’s purpose, Samaritan Air traveled to Haiti in 2008 to assist with relief efforts after hurricane Ike. Again, the mission capable helicopter operated by Samaritan Air proved its usefulness in bringing hope and essential supplies to the flood ravaged villages.

In January 2010, Haiti experienced its worst natural disaster in its history. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit near Port-Au-Prince. An estimated 300,000 people were killed, 1,000,000 left homeless, and a whole nation was left without hope. In less than 24 hours, Samaritan Air mobilized and sent two helicopters to Haiti to assist with transporting injured patients, doctors, pastors, missionaries, as well as supply drops, and meeting the basic needs of people who had lost everything.
God calls us to do much more. A new era in the history of Samaritan Air has begun. During the last year, we have been rebuilding a fully equipped 5 passenger Bell 206B3 Jetranger, complete with a litter system for medical patients. The helicopter, which Samaritan Air, Helimission, Christ Fellowship and other Samaritan Air supporters have been assisting with, will be based in Haiti to transport critically injured people, bring supplies to the most remote villages, and assist many missionaries spreading the gospel. The helicopter also stands ready to assist with domestic disasters.

We are very excited to now have a helicopter that will be able to be devoted solely to spreading the gospel and Love of Jesus Christ.

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