Chadwick Foundation offers medical aid to people of Indonesia

The Chadwick Foundation is currently working with Voice in the City located in Jakarta Indonesia to bring medical aid and relief to remote villages throughout Indonesia. The Chadwick Foundation sent a case of medical supplies and additional cases of medicine to Indonesia to help towards the medical relief efforts.

Here is a quick update from Suzette (founder of Voice in the City) before the medical team leaves on the Ship for four days, to preach the gospel in the remote parts of Papua.

The prayer team is now moving in city. And we have full backing our medical project which is a floating mobile clinic. Joining us tomorrow will be an additional 8 staff, 2 doctors, paramedics and a midwife and together we will be travelling by ship to remote districts. The first team has left for the remote areas already to start the preparation. They left yesterday by speedboat. Please continue to pray as tonight we have the last KKR meeting and it is raining but that is OK. . We will have no mobile phone network in district. God Bless You and thanks for standing with us.

Update from Voice in the City 11/20/12:

Greetings from Papua where I am on my way back to Jakarta after a very successful trip to the most remote places in Papua.
The day clinic was a major success and seemed that we  pioneered “something new” in Papua.
The government got wind of what I am doing and so decided to support it, that might not be true in all areas of Papua but in Wonama Bay it will be with 13 regions being opened by the Governor for us. He sent a team of medical staff with me. Two doctors, two nurses, a midwife and two pharmacists.  This gave them a chance to hear the clear gospel of Jesus being preached as they have to join us with a speed boat to the remote district of Windesi.

Volunteers bringing in the donated medical supplies

Conditions were very poor  but we were able to set up the day clinic in a building assigned as a clinic, and it worked well. Hygiene is not their strong suit but we stepped in and gently guided the situation. They added some of their own medicine, that I did not even knew they had, but of course it was VERY , VERY LIMITED  and who knows what strength. The medicine that Chadwick Foundation has sent me was indeed wonderful, a true God sent!
We were able to treat 173 patients in 6 hours in the clinic and I afterwards in the place where we stayed, I still have some of the medicine left but as you can imagine most of antibiotics and especially ointment for skin deceases ware used up. In Wasior people even came to my hotel room for help…. As you will see from some of the pictures.

Voice in the City receiving Chadwick Foundation medical donations

We had the day clinic in the morning and at night we had a crusade, although it was not the masses it was indeed the lost, over 50% of the entire district came to the night meetings, it was heart moving to see these people getting every possible transport and ways to get to us for medical as well as spiritual help.

Local people await medical treatment

One man arrived with the ” ambulance” they have, arranged by the government to fetch people from the far district areas, malaria in the most severe stage, if it was not for an intravenous and immediate help I doubt that he would have lived until the next day. As you can I hope to bring this program into Papua no matter where we go… I have now seen that our medicine and the limited amount they have can be combined, a wonderful tool to help the people.

We soon had a system going…. All patients had to pass the intercession and prayer team at the gate so they got prayer first, then the medial help and then prayer and preaching again from different angels- it worked well , very well.

Apart of the 173 patients we treated,  about 1500 people gave their lives to Jesus in two days- for this remote area , quite remarkable as only 3,000 people live on the entire island, dipped deep with tradition and darkness.

Voice in the City praying for young girl

The 5 am prayer “waking the dawn” a movement of prayer that I called into life in Papua also worked very well in Windesi as well as Wasion and so within one year we were able to establish 12 districts in interdenominational prayer at 5 am on a Saturday morning.- the grace of God when I think that there were very little combined prayer in Papua before the Lord has sent me there.   So we combine the “altar and the porch” prayer and Evangelism!

Once again may our Lord bless your foundation for its wonderful help and care….

Please have a look at the photos, I look forward to hear from you or answer any questions you might have.

Voice in the City Team

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