Chadwick Foundation

The Chadwick Foundation was established in memory of Chad Crandall. The Chadwick Foundation is an officially approved 501 [c][3] Non-profit Foundation. God is working mightily through this Foundation. At this point in time, The Chadwick Foundation is operating La Clinica Chad, which serves as a treatment facility to the poor and broken and is fully staffed by Christ-believing medical personnel, located in the heart of Medellin, Columbia. In addition to La Clinica Chad, The Chadwick Foundation helps and supports numerous other foundations and regions in need, while spreading the message of our savior, Jesus Christ. I want to challenge you to be in prayer with us as we all move forward to fulfill the mission God has given to each of us to reach the lost and hurting with a message of hope and healing. It’s going to take commitment, dedication, and sacrifice from all of us to make a lasting difference for Christ throughout our region and in the world.

Mission Partners