Haiti Hurricane Relief Efforts

As you may or may not know, Haiti suffered sever damage when Hurricane Mathew leveled swaths of western Haiti.  Haiti Hurricane Relief Efforts have been painfully slow.  On October 3rd, Hurricane Mathew killed hundreds of people and forced thousands from their love ones, homes and way of life.

Hurricane Mathew is Haiti’s worst humanitarian crisis since the devastating earthquake six years ago.  Dr. Crandall and the team of Doctors on a Mission help provide medical relief efforts in Haiti and bring the Word Of God to help those who are effected.

Flooding has been especially bad, contaiminating good drinking water and setting off new outbreaks of cholera along the coast.  More than 200 cases have already been reported.

The Chadwick Foundation helps get the proper medicine, food and supplies to the needy, especially the young children who may have lost a mother, father or sibling in the storm.


We will make sure your contribution helps those in need during this time of hardship.

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